BCD Performance - Performance Exhaust Bezels
Exhaust Bezels:

BCD Performance Products is proud to offer our all new aluminum exhaust bezels! Designed to allow the exhaust to be rerouted for increased clearance while protecting the exterior surface where the exhaust is newly relocated!
Our exhaust bezel was designed out of necessity. For years, racers all over the world have rerouted the exhaust system out the sides of the vehicle to save weight and not interfere with wiring, brake and fuel lines, suspension, and other moving parts. Rerouting worked great, but something was missing...BCD Performance Products came up with that missing piece! Our universal exhaust bezels were designed to protect the area around where the exhaust exits the vehicle, and look good doing it!
Round Exhaust Bezel
5" I.D., 6.5" O.D., all hardware included
Price: $24.95
Teardrop Exhaust Bezel
5" I.D., 11"x6.5", all hardware included
Price: $39.95
*Custom application available - please email us with all requests!